Introducing about POKJAR Saumlaki???

Since its establishment in 1984s, Open University has been trusted with mandate from the Government to create expansive learning opportunities for all Indonesians, fresh graduates as well as employees, and also to provide access and opportunities in higher education regardless of their social and economic background.

and engaged in policy making effort to apply new Information and Technology such as Unit Program Belajar Jarak Jauh (UPBJJ) Ambon have a one’s Kelompok Belajar (Pokjar) to public service in the wake of Smart Small Unit Organization for the distance learning for those who are unable to attend face-to-face classroom or no limit for all level society in time and place.

What is a Saumlaki?

SAUMLAKI is a Capital Town from West Southeast Maluku District and location at Maluku Province Ambon is a capital – Nationality – INDONESIA

What is a Pokjar?

Pokjar is a abbreviation from Indonesia Kelompok Belajar that means Learning Group.

What is a UPBJJ-UT?

UPPBJJ-UT is a once Unit Program Open and Distance Learning (ODL) of people who meet face to face unable to attend learning in classroom.

What is a UPBJJ-UT Ambon Pokjar Saumlaki ?

UPBBJ is a abbreviation to Indonesia Unit Program Belajar Jarak jauh (UPBJJ), as call Open Distence Learning Pogram (ODL) whereas Technical Support Indonesia Open University institution that is a group of people who meet to learning study group that they represent from Long life Society in Border for reform will became a class National and International.

Sec. Pokjar Saumlaki UPBJJ-UT Ambon

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