Lecture for Implementation Study at Information Network Village

Development of Information and Communication Technology is not irrespective of where the dynamics is a very rapidly developing.

Technology needs to be understood as a requirement of life that can produce a feasibility for the welfare of life, without the knowledge and skills will not develop in line with the era of globalization.

Skills and knowledge need to be prepared in the initial phase of a process of development planning, WANT and Development did NOT WANT to be more directed or carried out by the Government in order to create the situation of cultural information to the establish of Information Society Group.

We realize that Indonesia  with thousands of islands in the
mostly strategy is to develop and unify the information through the Service as a whole, and the role of the central government as a catalyst to build sustainable infrastructure projects that have been known to USO (Universal Serial Obilgation) and the Local Government can be expected to support the development of sustainable .

Where in the Basic Service Development referred to the Regional Government of expanding public access to information and communication using the teknologii Infrastructure Development (Roads, Bridges, Central, Terminal, etc.) is needed within a very long time, so that It is very strategic in support of the Physical Infrastructure expected Saumlaki IT Pilot Project Rural Communities Development Program (Program pilot Rural Community Information Technology) needs assistance from the Local Government to support changes in the pattern towards Think Community Development through Human Resource Information.

In the explanation above is the result of the study Lecture (Training) on the ASEAN ICT Rural Communities Development Course in Korea so that it can be designed and presented to the Pemerintahb be:

Draft Program for a Rural Network Information Center is a centralized Media Information Network Village: MEINVIL http://www.meinvil.org.id: Provision of information directed to the data base on Profile and potential of each village in the District.

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